What we do

Qualy Tech serves as a national independent watchdog for the painting, waterproofing and general building trades. We specialize in the specifying and quality assuring of complete systems for any redecoration or new projects.

In layman’s terms this means that we take away the headache involved in any work relating to the above trades.

We act on your behalf to ensure that you get what you are paying for and to make sure that the extent of your problems are handled in the correct manner.

This in turn enables you to have peace of mind and to get the job done correctly and efficiently the first time around.

Qualy Tech opened its doors in 1995 with an express aim: to provide the building and

decorating industry with a truly professional quality-control service, specifically equipped to provide expert analysis, diagnosis and unbiased reporting on all practices (and malpractices) concerned with coatings, waterproofing and surface preparations.

Due to the demand for a specialist service, Qualy Tech employs specialists in the field. All personnel are equipped with, and comprehensively trained in the use of state-of-the-art technological instrumentation.

In cases where major structural faults are encountered, the services of engineers are utilized.

We continually strive and commit to being at the leading edge of our industry to provide our customers with detailed and technically sound information for their maintenance purposes.

If you've ever smiled at the DIY handyman's adage "Nothing that a good coat of paint can't hide",

you're wise enough to know it's the single biggest fallacy of the building trade. But surprisingly, not uncommon.

Quite simply, not even the best coating or waterproofing system
is fail-safe when applied to an incorrectly prepared surface. The same is true when the product itself is incorrectly applied, or for that matter, where manufacturers' specifications have been ignored.

And do not discount the possibility of an actual manufacturing gremlin. Fact is, any mistake (careless or otherwise) is frustrating for the client, always costly and ultimately damaging to the reputations of those concerned with the job-contractor, sub-contractor or manufacturer.

Qualy Tech is the answer to your worrying questions. Let us protect you and the interests of your members.
  • Maintenance audits.
  • Detailed problem solving of existing failures.
  • Comprehensive technical specifications.
  • Assistance with tender processes.
  • Negotiating of meaningful guarantees with manufacturers.
  • Quality assurance of work
    in progress.
  • Certifying of applications
    & systems.
  • Life cycle costings & maintenance programmes.
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