“An independent. non-governmental quality control Organization for the coating, waterproofing & specialised building industries.? title=
Scope of our Services

Qualy Tech opened its doors in 1995 with an express aim: to provide the building and decorating industry with a truly professional quality-control service, specifically equipped to provide expert analysis, diagnosis and unbiased reporting on all practices (and malpractices) concerned with coatings, waterproofing and surface preparations.

Qualytech Scope of our Services

Independent Consultants for:

  • Comprehensive building audits and reports for maintenance purposes.
  • Tracking of existing failures and recommending solutions.
  • Reporting on all surfaces that require maintenance.
  • Negotiating meaningful manufacturer-backed guarantees.
  • Compiling detailed specifications for arresting failures and maintenance applications.
  • Assisting in selection of suitable contractors and tender processes.
Quality Control during major refurbishment or maintenance:
  • Ensuring that all surface preparations are done in accordance with manufacturer's specifications and industry standards.
  • Monitoring of product applications to ensure that all products are applied to specification for guarantee purposes.
  • Certifying of all applications in accordance with manufacturer's specification for the release of guarantees.
  • As independent assessors called upon by the manufacturer, contractor or client to diagnose failures and, in most cases, to suggest a solution.
  • As specialized project managers and contract coordinators.
  • Mediation and expert witness services.