“An independent. non-governmental quality control Organization for the coating, waterproofing & specialised building industries.? title=
We have conducted building audits and quality assured the external paint refurbishment at five schools in the United Herzlia School system.

Qualy Tech has addressed maintenance issues at University of the Western Cape and Cape University of Technology, to name a few institutions. The costs of education today are exorbitant and we are finding that less is spent on preventative maintenance because of this.

The cost of maintenance and the general decline in industry standards makes for loaded responsibilities and consequences on the Facilities Manager, when it comes to tackling that dreaded maintenance overhaul of the buildings. Effective life cycle costing and a workable maintenance plan are the only cure for these maintenance headaches.
Qualy Tech consultants attend training workshops on safety and environmental issues and corroborate with the leading paint and chemical manufacturing companies in testing 'green' products.

There are highly specialized range of products available, all containing anti-bacterial, anti-fungal additives with an active ingredient that repels bacteria, fungi and other potentially harmful microbes, ideal for commercial and medical environments, such as abattoirs, hospitals, wine production facilities and any other areas that need protection against harmful microbes. The question you have to ask is what guarantees do you have that the process has been correctly applied?
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