“An independent. non-governmental quality control Organization for the coating, waterproofing & specialised building industries.? title=

In our commitment to technical excellence, we only use internationally recognized equipment.

Qualytech Equipment

If you've ever smiled at the DIY handyman's adage “Nothing that a good coat of paint can't hide? you're wise enough to know it's the single biggest fallacy of the building trade. Quite simply, not even the best coating or waterproofing system is fail-safe when applied to an incorrectly prepared surface.

The same is true when the product itself is incorrectly applied, or for that matter, where manufacturers' specifications have been ignored. And do not discount the possibility of an actual manufacturing gremlin. Fact is, any mistake (careless or otherwise) is frustrating for the client, always costly and ultimately damaging to the reputations of those concerned with the job-contractor, sub-contractor or manufacturer.

Using correct instrumentation can ensure early and accurate diagnosis of the cause of failures.
Instrumentation ensures that applications are measurable and accurate

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